A Planejammer Campaign

Catch My Drift

As seen on Icewire, YouSphere, and Zo! Media! Coming soon to Sphereflix!

Season 04: Jarimana, K’Chak, Iliana, Ellowen, Morg, Krysa, Melisande

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Commodore Krysa Teakshanks (Ysoki / Icon /Envoy) The ysoki sensation of Absalom Station!
Iliana of Sovyrian (Elf / Ace Pilot / Solarian) The transpecies hotshot pilot
Dhulo Jarimana Samayasamtaru Inzwe Revakafa Katantaoli (Vesk / Xenoarchaeologist / Operative) The prawn obsessed academic
Morg (Skittermander / Gladiator / Soldier) Danger floof!

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Melisande Denaris (Aasimar / Corporate Agent / Mystic) The angel of the Diaspora
Falak 13 (Android / Spacefarer / Technomancer) Lost in a dimensional crossrip in Historia-7’s private lab.
Ashala “Ash” Haaksalal (Damaya)/ Outlaw/Mystic Lost to temporal flux on the bridge of The Seventh Star en route to Edge Station

Seasons 02 &03: Jarimana, falak 13, Melisande, Iliana, Krysa, Morg

Season 01: Ash, Falak 13, Jarimana, Krysa, iliana